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I Strenuously Object!, a riveting legal podcast brought to you by the Pittsburgh law firm Flaherty Fardo Rogel & Amick, is now in session. Be prepared for a mix of legal information, legal news, insight and analysis and obscure pop culture references, all served with a healthy dose of irreverence.

Is AI going to be your next lawyer?

Is Artificial Intelligence coming for your job? What can humans do that AI will never be able to do?

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"Dr. Roxy" the Live-Streaming TIKTOK Surgeon Loses Her License

Texting while driving?? That’s nothing! Hold her beer…Dr. Roxy the TIKTOK doc, is going to perform “distracted surgery”.

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BREAKING NEWS! "The Logjam Persists!" Allegheny County Tax Assessment Delayed...Yet Again!

BREAKING NEWS! FFRA Tax Appeals specialist Nicole Hauptman Amick talks about the most recent delays in Allegheny County Property Tax Appeals

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Allegheny County Tax Reassessment Changing Again!

If you are a property owner in Allegheny County you need to hear this episode!

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5 Things We Want To Tell the Jury...But Can't!

So here they are, the 5 things we really, really want to be able to tell the jury, but are not allowed.

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HOT NEWS! Allegheny County Property Assessments - May 2023 UPDATES

The latest news about the state of property assessments in Allegheny County with Partners Nicole Hauptman Amick and Bill Rogel.

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Case or No Case? Buffalo Wild Wings, the man who was not dead, and a knee vs a life

Noah and Bill deliberate on several items in the news, the overriding question being "Do these plaintiffs have a case?"

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The Thrilling Conclusion to the Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Accident Trial

With the latest celebrity trial of the century coming to a close, Noah and Bill ask the eternal question, "What have we learned?"

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We review Gwyneth Paltrow's ski accident far

The trial has barely started and the ISO gang already has plenty to say about it!

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Yes It's TRUE! 2022 & 2023 Allegheny County Tax Appeals Are Open!

The appeal period for 2022 has officially reopened. That means we can help you appeal both 2022 and 2023 tax assessments.

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2023 Might Be The Best Year Ever To Appeal Your Property Taxes in Allegheny County!

The gang discusses the latest breaking news about the 2023 tax reassessment.

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The Best Legal Movies of ALL Time - PART 2

Our legal movie game show! Play along with us!

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The Best Legal Movies of ALL Time! - Part 1

What are the best legal movies of ALL time? The I Strenuously Object Podcast gang takes a break with a game show!

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The Alex Jones Billion $$$$ Verdict: Did The Jury Get It Right?

In this episode of I Strenuously Object, the guys tackle the difficult topic of the recent Sandy Hook defamation case.

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Breaking Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice News! plus Mailing It In!

Game changing Medical Malpractice News for Plaintiffs in Pennsylvania. If you've been injured by a doctor or hospital, you're gonna want to hear this!

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Breaking Good News! Allegheny County Property Assessment Update 9/1/22

Good News for Property owners who pay attention and want to lower their property taxes.

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How to Prepare for a Deposition

In this episode of I Strenuously Object, Noah and Bill invite founding partner Attorney Shawn Flaherty to help create the single greatest podcast ever

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How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Don’t hire the wrong personal injury lawyer or it could cost you millions. The ISO podcast is here to help!

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F**k You. Pay Me. The Best Way to Collect Debt In Pennsylvania.

Do you need to collect money? This is without a doubt, the most informative podcast ever created on how to collect debt in Pennsylvania.

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Doctors On Cocaine. Substance Abuse in Healthcare. How Patients Can Help Protect Themselves and Their Loved Ones.

In this episode, Medical Malpractice Trial Attorneys Noah Fardo and Bill Rogel discuss the staggering statistics of deaths caused by medical errors an

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The Assessment Chaos - Why Allegheny County Needs a Reassessment Now. The Assessment System is Wrong and Unfair to Homeowners.

The Allegheny County property assessment system is in complete chaos. Many experts believe it is one of the most unfair property tax systems in the co

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The Godfather of Tax Appeals. How to Lower Your Property Taxes in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Want to lower your Allegheny County property taxes? Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

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Tax Appeals for Dummies. The Best Tax Appeal Episode Ever in Allegheny County to Help You Lower Property Taxes. (W/ BREAKING ASSESSMENT NEWS!)

Part 2 of our Tax Appeals series, this episode is NOT for Dummies, but does explain in the simplest terms the entire tax appeal process in Allegheny C

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The Chris Rock Personal Injury Case. Why He Should File a Personal Injury Lawsuit for $200 Million.

Does Chris Rock have a personal injury lawsuit against Will Smith? You better damn well believe he does!

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