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June 2, 2022

Tax Appeals for Dummies. The Best Tax Appeal Episode Ever in Allegheny County to Help You Lower Property Taxes. (W/ BREAKING ASSESSMENT NEWS!)

Episode Description

Part 2 of our Tax Appeals series, this episode is NOT for Dummies, but does explain in the simplest terms the entire tax appeal process in Allegheny County, PA.

A self-proclaimed “greatest podcast ever recorded on tax appeals”, this simple to understand (yet entertaining) tutorial walks property owners through the entire Allegheny assessment appeal process and offers the strategies for fighting these tax appeal cases.

Rock Star Tax Appeal Attorney Nicole Amick guides listeners through the first level BPAAR hearing and the second level BOV hearing and teaches the best way to defend school district property tax appeals, including what NOT to say or do.

Our team of experts break down the best secrets for winning your tax appeal, including why property owners should almost never attend the first level hearing on their own, and keep your damn mouth shut.

We also explain why you do not have to answer questions from the County, and never, ever let anyone in your house.

Stay tuned toward the end of the podcast for "Breaking News" about Allegheny County property assessments that could change the rules of the game for everyone.

Nothing dumb about this episode, except maybe us for giving away all of our secrets for free.

Read the Podcast Transcript:

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