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October 5, 2023

Allegheny County Elections, Rockey vs Innamorato - The Big Fight Over Reassessment

Should Allegheny County reassess your property? It's become a hot button issue in the county executive race.

After backlash against the last assessment 11 years ago, the county executive candidates, Joe Rockey and Sarah Innamorato are divided.

On this episode of I Strenuously Object, our intrepid trio, led into battle by the Queen of Tax Appeals, Nicole Amick, argue the pros and cons of reassessment.

Topics discussed:

  • What are the candidates' proposals?
  • Do we need a reassessment?
  • Does a reassessment automatically mean a tax increase?
  • Why are millage rates going up?
  • What is the homestead exemption and how could it help those on a fixed income?
  • How has the Philadelphia plan worked and should it be applied in Allegheny County?

Before you vote, listen to this very informative episode of ISO.

Read the Podcast Transcript:

Flaherty | Fardo | Rogel | Amick

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