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June 2, 2022

The Assessment Chaos - Why Allegheny County Needs a Reassessment Now. The Assessment System is Wrong and Unfair to Homeowners.

Episode Description

The Allegheny County property assessment system is in complete chaos. Many experts believe it is one of the most unfair property tax systems in the country.

Allegheny County, PA has not had a reassessment since 2012, and recent homebuyers are being appealed at record numbers. More than 10,000 appeals this year.

People need to understand how to defend against the chaos, and keep their property taxes low. The current system is unfair because it discriminates against both recent homebuyers and the poorest neighborhoods.

In this episode, Widely Recognized as one of the premiere tax appeal attorneys in Allegheny County (and Buffalo Bills season ticket holder) Attorney Nicole Amick is our featured guest and joins us to help explain the property tax appeal process and why a much-loathed reassessment may actually be the best, fairest (still bad) option in Allegheny County.

If you want to help defend yourself against unfair tax appeals, while also understanding the flaws in the current assessment system, and ways in which they can be fixed, this is a must-hear episode.

The system is ‘Out of Order’ Counselor, and our panel experts explain what needs to be done to fix it.

Read the Podcast Transcript:

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