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May 9, 2022

The Chris Rock Personal Injury Case. Why He Should File a Personal Injury Lawsuit for $200 Million.

Episode Description

Does Chris Rock have a personal injury lawsuit against Will Smith? You better damn well believe he does!

In this episode, we play a fun and interesting legal game called "Case Or No Case?", in which high profile Pennsylvania trial attorneys Noah Fardo and Bill Rogel argue the merits of the Will Smith/Chris Rock "Slap Heard 'Round The World"; the Fern Hollow Bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, PA; and recent news about fans getting hurt at baseball games (can they sue?).

How strong are these personal injury cases and what defenses would be raised? Who would win and why?

More importantly, how much are these injury cases worth? The answer our “jury” gives to the question of compensation will shock you by awarding more money to celebrities than average people. Does it make sense to you?

Join us, you will learn more than a thing or two about the basics of personal injury law, why not to make fun of someone's wife while on television, who is responsible when a bridge collapses, and why you should always bring a glove to a baseball game.

When a personal injury case goes to a jury, you never know what you will hear!

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