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June 2, 2022

F**k You. Pay Me. The Best Way to Collect Debt In Pennsylvania.

Episode Description

Do you need to collect money? This is without a doubt, the most informative podcast ever created on how to collect debt in Pennsylvania.

Titled F* You, Pay Me, after the Goodfellas Movie (recorded before the passing of Ray Liotta, RIP - we love you Ray!), this simple to understand tutorial teaches creditors in Pennsylvania how to collect debt from even the most difficult debtors.

Experienced trial Collection Attorneys Noah and Bill teach listeners not only the best way to obtain a judgment in Pennsylvania, but they also walk through the fastest way to get paid on money you are owed.

You will learn how to obtain the judgment, issue a writ of execution, seize bank accounts, sell personal assets and levy on real property.

You will also learn how to find assets that debtors are hiding by understanding the discovery in aid of execution process, and how you might even be able to arrest the debtor, if they ignore the Judge.

Finally, as an episode bonus and generally one of the best kept secrets in debt collection, you better revive that judgment, because it could decide whether you get paid or not.

Listen and learn how to collect the money you are owed and tell debtors who are avoiding you, “F* You, Pay Me!”.

Read the Podcast Transcript:

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