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July 24, 2023

"Dr. Roxy" the Live-Streaming TIKTOK Surgeon Loses Her License

On a brand new “I Strenuously Object” podcast, attorney Bill Rogel and “Founding Father” Shawn Flaherty discuss the legal ramifications of the Ohio plastic surgeon Katharine Roxanne Grawe who had her medical license revoked because she was live-streaming her operations on TIKTOK and had made surgical errors to three patients while doing it.

Known as “Dr. Roxy” to her many fans, Dr. Grawe had been previously ordered by the Ohio medical board to stop live-streaming while operating, but had continued to broadcast her surgeries despite the warnings.

The controversy raises several questions:

Did all her patients know they were going to be on TIKTOK while unconscious?

What is the “standard of care” when it comes to medical malpractice and how was it violated here?

Should ALL surgeries be recorded as a matter of course to help settle med mal lawsuits?

And…Should Dr. Roxy lose her license permanently?

Read the Podcast Transcript:

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