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August 4, 2022

How to Prepare for a Deposition

Episode Description

A deposition can win or lose a lawsuit, and yet many parties and witnesses are not properly prepared for their deposition. In this episode of I Strenuously Object, Noah and Bill invite founding partner Attorney Shawn Flaherty to help create the single greatest podcast ever recorded to help witnesses preparing for their deposition.If you are facing a deposition you should be nervous, and if you are not prepared you will not do well testifying. This podcast should help you.3 lawyers with over 75 years combined experience explain the fundamental do’s and don’ts in depositions including, go slow, only answer the question asked, if it can be answered in 3 words instead of 7, use less words; be careful about your appearance; let it be silent; how to handle objections, and why treating a deposition like you are being asked a question in a funeral home makes total sense. You can seldom win a case in a deposition, but it is very easy to LOSE a case in a deposition. If you need to know about preparing for a deposition in a personal injury or medical malpractice case, you better listen to this.

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