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October 24, 2022

The Alex Jones Billion $$$$ Verdict: Did The Jury Get It Right?

In this episode of I Strenuously Object the guys tackle the difficult topic of the recent Sandy Hook defamation case in which Info Wars’ infamous red-faced loudmouth Alex Jones was ordered to pay nearly a billion dollars.

This discussion leads our intrepid attorneys down a legal, moral and philosophical rabbit hole as they wrestle with subjects such as, the limits of freedom of speech, the difference between liability and damages, the difference between compensatory and punitive damages and the monetary value we can place on suffering.

Bill and Noah are joined by our “jurist in residence” the Ex-Godfather, “Everyday” Ron Myers, who adds his passionate, non-lawyerly opinions to the proceedings, all in an effort to answer: “Did the Alex Jones Jury Get it Right?”.

Read the Podcast Transcript:

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