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June 11, 2024

Who is operating on you at MED SPAS? The hazards of cosmetic surgery and how you can protect yourself.

Med spas are a gray area between hospitals and spas, offering aesthetic procedures like Botox, Microneedling, Dermabrasion and tattoo removal.

However, not all med spas comply with the necessary regulations and have qualified medical professionals overseeing the procedures.

On this episode of "I Strenuously Object" Bill Rogel and Noah Fardo provide three tips to stay safe when considering a med spa and add loads of experience from their years of litigating plastic surgery injury lawsuits, including a story of one plastic surgeon who taught other med spas how to do a controversial and unusual breast augmentation technique that he learned "in a dream".

Bill and Noah explain how to do thorough research, how to avoid being swayed by promises of quick fixes or low cost and how to stay safe when considering a med spa.

Read the Podcast Transcript:

Flaherty | Fardo | Rogel | Amick

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