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April 13, 2023

Case or No Case? Buffalo Wild Wings, the man who was not dead, and a knee vs a life

In this episode of Case or No Case, Noah and Bill deliberate on several items in the news, the overriding question being "Do these plaintiffs have a case?"

• Buffalo Wild Wings boneless chicken wings were found to not actually contain wing meat. Do we have a case?

• A man is declared dead by EMTs but then is found to be alive. Does he have a case? Does his temporarily grieving and then overjoyed family have a case?

• And finally, we compare two verdicts, one for the death of a college student in a hazing incident and another for medical malpractice regarding the knee of a football player, Philadelphia Eagle Chris Maragos. How do juries value a knee vs a life?

Read the Podcast Transcript:

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