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It’s That Simple

If you have been the victim of a malpractice case, you need to make sure you will not incur any fees or costs unless you receive compensation.

Flaherty Fardo guarantees that if we accept your malpractice lawsuit, we cannot be compensated unless we win and or settle your lawsuit and you receive compensation.

The Contingency Fee Agreement

The contingency fee agreement means that payment for any legal services is contingent upon success. The lawyer is only paid if they obtain money for the client. The lawyer receives a contingent fee (or percentage) of the total sum of money actually recovered.

The standard contingency fee for malpractice cases in Pennsylvania is 40%. However, this fee can sometimes be negotiable, depending upon the liability and severity of the injuries.

The contingency fee allows justice for injured victims who do not have the resources to hire a lawyer. Also, when lawyers are hired on a contingency fee basis, they have stronger financial incentive in the final outcome. The lawyers fee is directly tied to the outcome of the case. If there is a defense verdict, or no recovery for any reason, the lawyer can not be paid a fee. Likewise, the client will have no financial obligation to the lawyer unless they receive compensation.

Flaherty Fardo provides contingency fee agreements for all of our medical malpractice cases. Our contingency fee agreements allow our clients to focus on their lives.

Be Careful About Advanced Case Costs

Flaherty Fardo also guarantees that unless we are successful, clients will never owe us any advanced case costs. Advanced case costs are different than fees. Fees refer to the lawyers compensation for their time and services. Advanced case costs refer to expenses advanced by the lawyers. These are different.

If a lawyer hires a medical expert for your case, the doctor may charge anywhere from $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 or more. The lawyer advances these costs for you. If you lose, you are not responsible for the costs. However, if you win, then the costs are deducted from your percentage, not the lawyer’s percentage.

When hiring the right lawyer, make sure your lawyer is not wasteful with costs. You will be paying these costs back at the end of the lawsuit. Thus, you want to know if your lawyer is spending your money wisely. Are they flying first class? or hiring the most expensive doctors?

Flaherty Fardo ensures that in all cases, we spend no more than is necessary to aggressively pursue your case. We understand that each dollar we advance is one less dollar that you will have later. We believe that injured victims need to keep as much money in their pockets as possible.

Free Consultation

If you have any questions about wrongful death lawsuits, Flaherty Fardo offers free consultations. Consults can be done on-line or by calling our offices at 412.802.6666.

Our representation for all Pennsylvania wrongful death and survival action cases is based on a contingent fee structure. There is absolutely no fee unless we obtain monetary recovery. We advance 100% the costs, including experts, filings, and depositions and are only reimbursed from the client’s share if we are successful.

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