In June 2010, Managing Partner Noah Paul Fardo obtained a six figure settlement for a victim of a botched plastic surgery case involving an awake breast augmentation.

Awake breast augmentation is a growing trend throughout the United States whereby many non-plastic surgeons are attempting breast augmentations with horrific results. There are no requirements that a physician be a plastic surgeon in order to attempt a breast augmentation. As a result, many eye doctors, obstetricians / gynecologists (OB/GYN’s), and even dermatologists are attempting plastic surgery in their offices.

The reason the patients are kept awake is because many of these non-qualified physicians are not accredited to perform the surgeries in hospitals or accredited surgery centers. Without that privilege, general anesthesia is not an option, and therefore the only place the procedure can be done is in an office setting. These physicians are claiming that awake breast augmentation is actually safer because there is no general anesthesia nor the risks associated with it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Recently, an eye doctor in Atlanta was forced to call 911 from his office while attempting an awake breast augmentation because he did not have the experience or facility to handle a complication during surgery.

In the case recently settled by attorney Fardo, an obstetrician/gynecologist attended a weekend seminar in California before advertising in the yellow pages and on the radio that he was fully qualified. The result of his first case ever was permanent disfigurement in the form of scars three times the acceptable length in the wrong locations.

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