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This Could Have Been Prevented

Both failure to diagnose and misdiagnosis are recognizable causes of actions in Pennsylvania. However, failure to diagnose is different than misdiagnosis.

Failure to diagnose is when the healthcare provider fails to appropriately diagnose a condition. Misdiagnosis is when the health care providers makes a diagnosis, but that diagnosis was wrong. Failure to diagnose and misdiagnosis cases often include:

  • Delayed Diagnosis
  • Cancers
  • Stroke
  • Heart and Cardiac Problems
  • Fractures & Broken Bones
  • Undiagnosed Conditions
  • Over Diagnosed Conditions

A Misdiagnosis Is Medical Malpractice 

Misdiagnoses is a common occurrence of Pennsylvania medical malpractice. There are two basic reasons why people visit doctors absent medical emergencies. First, patient seeks medical care because of a specific complaint or possible medical issue. Often an unusual pain, discomfort, or unusual bleeding will prompt us to seek medical attention. Another reason we visit doctors is for a scheduled visit or check up.

The first and most important step of the medical treatment process is to diagnose any medical problems.

Doctors are trained and educated to diagnose medical problems and recognize symptoms and signs to prevent future medical problems. Doctors cannot cure patients without first diagnosing a problem. This is the basic reason why patients visit doctors.

To properly diagnose medical problems, medical professionals need to take thorough steps in understanding a patient’s medical history and in ordering all reasonable and appropriate tests to ensure that any potential medical problems do not become aggravated or chronic.

Lawsuits occur when doctors do not walk through their thorough steps to ensure prompt diagnoses of serious conditions.

Failure Of Doctors To Understand Medical History

One of the most basic reasons medical professionals misdiagnose health issues is because they do not understand or take the time to understand a patient’s past medical history.

With time constraints and limitations from insurance companies on payments, doctors have to see a high number of patients. This process has led to an increase in the number of misdiagnoses cases. Our medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in handling misdiagnoses and failure to diagnosis cases.

When individuals suffer harm as a result of a misdiagnoses or failure to diagnosis, then the treating physician may be held liable for any and all injuries suffered thereafter. If a doctor does not perform a thorough examination or does not order the proper tests or negligently misinterprets test results, the results can be devastating. Misdiagnoses and treatment of the wrong condition can make a patient’s condition worse than it was before he or she saw the doctor.

No Fee Unless Recovery Is Made

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Our representation for medical malpractice cases involving misdiagnoses or failure to diagnosis is based on a contingent fee structure. There is absolutely no fee unless we obtain monetary recovery for you or our client.

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