As of July 2010, Allegheny County is intending on reassessing approximately the 580,000 properties in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This includes all commercial properties, hotels, strip malls, restaurants, apartment complexes, residential properties, and vacant lands within the county. The Allegheny County Tax Assessments could raise your property taxes, which is why you should know what to expect.

How Allegheny County Tax Assessments Could Cost You

Increasing Property Value in Reassessments Costs You More in Property Tax

Allegheny County Tax Assessment Increases

It is believed that the County will use a base year of 2011 or 2012. This means that a property will be assessed at what the Allegheny County assessors believe the property is worth as of January 1, 2011 or 2012 respectively. What it really means is that there are going to be enormous increases in assessments throughout Allegheny County.

When a proposed assessment was proposed in 2006, property assessments were expected to increase as much as 40% in areas such as Sewickley, Sewickley Heights, Edgeworth, Sewickley Hills, Bell Acres, Fox Chapel, O’Hara, Upper St. Clair and Mt. Lebanon. Certain residents will see their actual tax bills double or worse.

People Fight Back Against Allegheny County Tax Assessments

Appealing Your Reassessment Could Help Lower the Property Tax Your Owe

Appealing Allegheny County Tax Assessment

Technically, the school districts are supposed to adjust their millage rates to prevent financial windfalls. The reality is that the school districts spend whatever money they bring in and it is very rare for school districts to ever lower their millage rates. In 2002, the last reassessment, there were over 100,000 property tax appeals filed in Allegheny County. If the 2012 reassessment continues as planned, the number of appeals could easily exceed the amount of property tax appeals filed in 2002.

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