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November 8, 2022

Should You Answer the Allegheny County Questionnaire?

Allegheny County is notorious for its messy property tax policies. When it’s time for property assessments in Allegheny County, property owners are placed under pressure to make decisions for their property that best favors their interests. But as Allegheny County sends out a property assessment questionnaire, what is the best thing for a property owner to do? Learn about what to do with the Allegheny County property assessment questionnaire from Flaherty & Fardo, Allegheny County’s most trusted property assessment lawyers.

Risking an Increase in Property Tax

Allegheny county property assessments and questionnaires could raise your taxes

Allegheny County Property Questionnaire

Thousands of Allegheny County property owners are receiving property questionnaires from the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessment. Allegheny County wants to know if your property characteristics are correct (i.e # of rooms?, square footage?, improvements? etc.) Our clients are asking -- should they answer the county?

Common sense should tell property owners that if they respond with information that improves the characteristics of their property, then their property taxes may very well increase.

On February 4, 2010, KDKA Radio had a news segment telling people that if they do not respond within 10 days to the County questionnaires, then Allegheny County will be sending assessors to visit and inspect just those certain properties that did not respond.

What if I’m Bombarded with an Allegheny County Assessor?

Knowing your rights in Allegheny County Property Assessments

Allegheny County Property Questionnaire

It’s not bad enough that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has already determined that the entire Allegheny County base year system is unconstitutional, now Allegheny County wants property owners to help the county raise their own property taxes and visit just some of the properties (which is considered by many also unconstitutional).

The bottom line is county assessors are not allowed to trespass on private property. If you see a trespasser you are allowed to call the police. Do not allow anyone into your home without a legal warrant or your unconditional consent. We still have constitutional rights, even in Allegheny County.

Clients have asked, what if I don’t answer and they can see my house from the road? There is greater risk in responding than in cooperating in general. There may be exceptions, and please feel free to contact Flaherty & Fardo for more information at no cost to you.

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