Allegheny County Releases all Informal Results

If you filed an informal tax appeal hearing in Allegheny County for the new 2012 Allegheny County assessments, you should be receiving your informal decision soon — if you have not already.

Allegheny County has released the statistics from the informal appeals process which concluded June 1, 2012. The numbers reveal that approximately 47% of residential property owners received a reduction in their Allegheny County assessment of property tax. The average reduction for residential properties through the informal process was an average of $20,695.00.

Commercial property owners received a reduction on 70% of the 5,357 informal appeals filed for commercial properties. The average commercial property assessment reduction was $292,898.00.

Informal Results of Allegheny County Tax Assessment

All property owners have 30 days to appeal any decisions rendered through the informal appeals process by filing a special appeal form with the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessment. The special appeal form can be found online at the Allegheny County Formal Appeals Page.

Property owners should understand that any time an appeal is filed for any property in Allegheny County, the Board of Property Assessment is free to sustain, decrease or increase the Allegheny County assessment.

Property owners who have filed formal appeals against the Allegheny County assessment should expect to receive notice of scheduled appeal hearings soon. The Office of Property Assessment is attempting to schedule 1000 appeal hearings per day, but as of August 7, 2012, there remained over 60,000 formal appeals yet to be scheduled.

If you have received an informal decision and are questioning whether or not you should appeal, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.