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BPAAR Tax Appeal

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The Reassessment is Coming for Allegheny County!

It's happening and it's coming for YOUR property! Pittsburgh Public Schools have sued Allegheny County to trigger a countywide property reassessment.

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Bill Rogel Wins Motion For Allegheny County Taxpayers

We discuss a recent case involving an Allegheny County School District's motion to prevent property owners from continuing 2023 appeals

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Why You Need to Appeal Your Allegheny County Property Taxes NOW

Property tax specialist Nicole Amick talks about why right now may be the best time to appeal your Allegheny County property taxes

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BREAKING NEWS! "The Logjam Persists!" Allegheny County Tax Assessment Delayed...Yet Again!

BREAKING NEWS! FFRA Tax Appeals specialist Nicole Hauptman Amick talks about the most recent delays in Allegheny County Property Tax Appeals

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Allegheny County Tax Reassessment Changing Again!

If you are a property owner in Allegheny County you need to hear this episode!

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HOT NEWS! Allegheny County Property Assessments - May 2023 UPDATES

The latest news about the state of property assessments in Allegheny County with Partners Nicole Hauptman Amick and Bill Rogel.

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Yes It's TRUE! 2022 & 2023 Allegheny County Tax Appeals Are Open!

The appeal period for 2022 has officially reopened. That means we can help you appeal both 2022 and 2023 tax assessments.

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2023 Might Be The Best Year Ever To Appeal Your Property Taxes in Allegheny County!

The gang discusses the latest breaking news about the 2023 tax reassessment.

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