Basically, we will be using 2002 values for 2012, and new 2012 values for 2013; with the opportunity to appeal this year before the new tax bills are due next year.

As of January 13, 2012, the 2012 Allegheny County property reassessments are back on with a new deadline of February 24, 2012, for all properties within the City of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Public Schools (which also includes portions of Mount Oliver).

However, the Honorable R. Stanton Wettick also agreed to delay the implementation of the actual tax bills utilizing the new 2012 values until 2013. This means that the 2012 reassessments will go through in 2012, but will not be used by the taxing entities for tax billing purposes until 2013.

If you own commerical or residential property in the City of Pittsburgh or Mount Oliver, and believe your new 2012 reassessment is too high, you are encouraged to appeal in 2012 (by 2/24/12) prior to the 2013 tax bills being sent by the taxing entities.

This announcement does not effect the surrounding municipalities and boroughs within Allegheny County. All other boroughs and municipalities are expected to receive new 2012 reassessments by the end of February 2012, and new 2012 appeal deadlines thereafter.

Allegheny County has not yet determined whether or not they will re-implement the “informal” hearing process as time is no longer of the essence for the appeals process. We will attempt to keep our clients and readers updated.

Here is the language from Judge Wettick’s Order of Court dated 1/12/12.

Judge Wettick: Order of Court 1/12/12

1. For the Pittsburgh School District and the City of Pittsburgh, the 2011 assessments shall be used for 2012 and the 2012 assessments shall be used for 2013.

2. Appeals of the 2012 assessments for use in 2013 for properties within the Pittsburgh School District and the City of Pittsburgh shall be filed by February 24, 2012 (emphasis added).

3. Appeals shall be heard by the Board of Assessment Appeals and Review beginning no later than February 1, 2012. Priorities shall be given to appeals of the 2012 reassessment of properties within the Pittsburgh School District because millage rates for the Pittsburgh School District and the City of Pittsburgh is set in January and tax bills are issued in the same month.

4. By Tuesday, January 17, 2012, at 2:00 P.M., Allegheny County shall furnish to this member of the court and to counsel of record a proposed notice that will be mailed to the owner of properties in the City of Pittsburgh, the Borough of Mount Oliver, and the Pittsburgh School District.

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