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“A+ Highly Recommended”

“Nicole was extremely professional and kept us informed along the way. Our property appeal was negotiated downwards significantly. Her service will pay for itself many times over. A+ highly recommended. Then again, just look at the rest of these 5 star reviews. They speak for themselves.”

Andrew, Pittsburgh, PA

“We Could Not Have Won Without You”

“Nicole and Noah, you both deserved something more than an email to express a gratitude that I am certain has been expressed to you many times by grateful clients. When I first wrote to you Noah, the very day I received my assessment, you responded immediately – within the hour. As time went on, and I occasionally emailed for updates, someone from your office, or you, yourself, responded every time, clearly and respectfully. You and every member of your staff empowered us by your constancy and validated the worth of our individual cases. For this, I am so very grateful – because it allowed me to work and go one with my life, knowing that this situation was in honest and eminently capable hands. Ultimately, you and Nicole stayed the distance with me. Your office did not merely provide the bare minimum legal representation…but truly stood alongside of me in the best possible paradigm of legal representation. And so, I am offering you my profound gratitude. Thank you so very much for your integrity and humanity.”

Margery C., Pittsburgh, PA

“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They are a wonderful group who are efficient, patient, communicative and do their job very well. They kept me in the loop the whole time and were extremely helpful. I have used a different firm in the past and this was like night and day. If you are considering using Flaherty Fardo for your assessment appeal (or likely anything else they practice) then you found what you are looking for. A special thank you to Nicole who spearheaded my case and answered my never-ending questions. Top notch!”

Glenn B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Ms. Hauptman, we wish to thank you for the unparalleled professionalism in taking care of our property re-assessment. We did not expect the speed in which you came to a resolution of our appeal. We are pleased with the results and the amount of reduction in assessed value. We appreciated the immediate response to our questions and emails. Your firm will be highly recommended to friends and family. We will certainly contact you if we need any legal assistance in the future.”

Robert & Donna D., Pittsburgh, PA

“We were beyond impressed with the professionalism, organization, and attentiveness of Flaherty Fardo in supporting our property tax appeal. They were able to successfully lower our assessment significantly and provided updates to us immediately throughout the appeal process. They were readily available for any questions we had and responded promptly to all correspondences. We worked with Nicole Hauptman and Noah Fardo – both of which were exceptional. We highly recommend this law firm and can’t say enough with how pleased we were with our experience. Thank you Nicole, Noah and team!”

Melissa F., Pittsburgh, PA

“Mr. Fardo, thank you for sending me the final Order of Settlement with regards to our tax appeal. I greatly appreciate the help, assistance and guidance your law firm provided me during this time and especially the professionalism and dedication of Nicole Hauptman whose expertise and wisdom was instrumental in resolving this issue.”

Bob A., Pittsburgh, PA

“I recently retained Flaherty Fardo, LLC to assist in appealing my Allegheny County Real Estate Taxes for 5 residential/commercial buildings. Noah was very informative, professional, prompt and helpful throughout the entire process. He significantly reduced my tax liability on ALL five properties. I was very pleased with the outcome. I will continue to use Flaherty, Fardo LLC for any additional legal matters that arise within my business.”

Anthony P., Pittsburgh, PA

“We are thrilled with the outcome and very happy with the new assessment. It’s a fair assessment and we see no need for an additional appeal. Thanks for all that you did to make this happen.”

Maxine L., Pittsburgh, PA

“One week before appearing for my formal hearing in front of the Allegheny County Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review, and after two unsuccessful self representations through the informal process, I contacted the law firm of Flaherty Fardo, LLC. Nicole Hauptman represented me to a successful conclusion for a residential and two commercial properties. It is evident she has extensive knowledge and experience with the Allegheny County property assessment appeals process. I was very pleased with the outcome and final Order of Court. Legal representation well done.”

Richard D., Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Nicole, It is with deepest gratitude for all your efforts appealing our assessment that we enclose this payment for your services. You have helped us to correct this inappropriate tax for a house that is under renovation. We are very grateful.”

Pat & Frank, Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you again, Nicole. We really appreciate your advice and thoughtful attention…we will be sure to contact you in the future for this or other legal needs. You seem to be part of a great firm!”

Peter, Pittsburgh, PA

“Noah, Thank you for your time, energy and self.  We could not have won without you.”

C.K., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nicole, Thank you for supporting me on this case! You were very professional and did a great job. I sincerely appreciate it.”

Ranju, Wexford, PA

“Ms. Hauptman, I’m grateful for your advice and effort. I need to digest it, but from what I’ve already observed it is pointedly beneficial. I hope I have the chance to return your good offices, and, if never ever, I’m gratified to have met you.”

Bruce B.

“Just paid our reduced school and township taxes and received a rebate check from the County. A big Thank You to everyone involved in getting our reduced assessment.”

Michael & Mary N., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nicole Hauptman handled our Allegheny County property appeal professionally and efficiently. We were thrilled that she was able to get our assessment lowered. She made it extremely easy for us. I would highly recommend using Flaherty Fardo for a tax assessment appeal.”

Barbara S., Mars, PA

“My wife and I have utilized Flaherty- Fardo through several rounds of assessments and have always been pleased by the outcome. Nicole and Noah are highly professional, efficient, and great to deal with. Basically, they do all the work, and we reap the rewards. They’re also great at keeping us fully informed of the progress of the case. Issues are always handled well ahead of deadlines. I will not hesitate to use them again and will refer friends and relatives to them.”

Milton B., Fox Chapel, PA

“The folks at Flaherty Fardo, LLC, are very responsive to clients…I was extremely pleased with their communication skills keeping me informed in the progress of my property tax assessment appeal. They obviously knew this area of law extremely well because they told me at the beginning what to expect which pleased me a lot; then by the end of the process, I got what they had predicted. In addition, they are very cooperative and care a great deal about the work they do and their clients. I’d hire them again in an instant.”

Charles A., Pittsburgh, PA

“One of the best and most satisfying experiences I have had with a law firm. Very thorough, professional, courteous and always kept me abreast of what was happening. Results were indeed extremely satisfying. Thank you for your assistance and professionalism.”

Jim O., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nicole, I want to thank you and your firm for such an easy, efficient, and affordable process for appealing this assessment. You have made a difficult thing so easy on us, and have saved us thousands over the next years. Thank you again.”

Matthew B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Nicole, many thanks for your help in getting our property taxes reduced!!”

Kristina & Peter G., Squirrel Hill, PA

“Noah Fardo and Nicole Hauptman are at the top of their game! They’re highly competent, prompt, always on-the-ball and have the winning attitude! I would highly recommend Flaherty Fardo. Many thanks again for your help with my property tax appeals!”

Raymond W., Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Mr. Fardo, I just received the notification from Allegheny County property assessment office about the reduction to $640,000.00. Thank you for your help and advice.”

Nathan S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thanks, Nicole. You did a fabulous job. We’ll send you the money in the next day or so. Thanks again for everything. I still don’t know how you did it. Keep up the good work.”

Perry B., Mt. Lebanon, PA

“Noah, Stef and I would like to thank you for the efforts you and your law firm put into our tax appeal. As you know we lost the appeal twice before and really pretty much had given up, that is until your law firm got involved. Not only did you and your team take on our case but you also handled everything without much involvement from us (I really appreciated when you stopped by my house to pick up needed paperwork, unbelievably awesome!!). Thank you for not only winning our appeal and saving us thousands of dollars but for doing so with professionalism, integrity and trust that is not always easy to find nowadays.”

Brad B.B., Ohio Township, PA

“We were represented by Noah Fardo in a 2012 and 2013 real estate tax assessment appeal for our home in the Bell Acres/Sewickley area. Noah did an outstanding job. I am a former attorney and business owner with no prior experience with Noah and his associate Nicole Hauptman. They did an outstanding job in explaining the legal issues, giving clear and understandable advice and in communicating with me. I would highly recommend them and would definitely use their services again.”

Rick Z., Bell Acres, PA

“Noah, thanks to you and your entire office for assisting with our property appeal.  We are very pleased with the settlement outcome.  Your advice and guidance throughout this issue was outstanding.  I will be happy to recommend your services to other who I know are struggling with the appeals process.  Look forward to updates to your blog as well!”

N & S P., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you Noah. That is great news, and thanks for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Nathalie B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you Nicole, you have answered all of my questions. You and Noah have been super. I could not be more pleased with this result.”

Larry B., North Hills, PA

“On behalf of my husband, my son and my mom, thank you so much for not only helping us defend our home amidst the extremely chaotic, complicated and overbearing school taxation system but directly communicating our desire and determination (over these many years – 5!) to be heard and to get a fair and just decision. You kept your promise, You did not kneel. Your expertise, knowledge of the law, and presentation of the facts, including the key historical ones won this appeal for us. I have to also mention how great you were — even when I was at my highest emotional pitch (!), you did not patronize me, you stayed our defense and became even more determined to stay on task. I so respect you for that. Sadly, this horrific, shameful and wasteful assessment system in Allegheny County will only worsen. And as long as we continue to allow school districts to govern real estate values, there will always be a battle for the hundreds of thousands of struggling families like us. My wish for them is to find you and Flaherty Fardo. There will no doubt be another challenge for us as yet another county assessment takes place.And we want you and Flaherty Fardo by our side! Thanks again. You are wonderful.”

P.F., Woodland Hills, PA

“Dear Noah & Nicole, Many thanks to you and your staff for your successful efforts on my behalf.”

Charles S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you for the excellent news – the results of your outstanding efforts. We are pleased with the decision and do not want to file an appeal. Regards and Happy New Year!>

V.K., Pittsburgh, PA

“When the latest Allegheny tax assessment upped our taxes on one of our primary properties over 50%, my quest was to find the right contact to help me fix this issue. I was referred to Noah Fardo and Nicole Hauptman for an Allegheny County real estate tax appeal. Several lawyers/law firms we have relationships with referred them, basically saying they are the best, and I am happy to say I agree. They first tutored me on how the process worked, what options I had, potential outcomes and action plans for each scenario. They were always available if I had questions, and basically walked me through the process. I was very satisfied with the final outcome of our appeal, and felt their their fees were reasonable. Not only are they proficient at their craft, Noah and Nicole both have great personalities, and made an arduous process quite palatable.”

George G., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nicole, thank you for your expert handling of this. I hope you know how thrilled my family is with your results at the Board of Viewers. You’ve taken a load off my grandmother’s mind. I truly appreciate the professionalism, courtesy and promptness you showed us.”

Rob W., Pittsburgh, PA

“I retained Flaherty Fardo, LLC to defend me against the city’s appeal of my property tax assessment.  I received numerous solicitation letters from various law firms seeking to represent me.  What made Flaherty Fardo stand out was the quality of the information available on their website, as well as the knowledge, experience and professionalism of its lawyers and staff – particularly Attorney Noah Fardo and Attorney Jennifer Mislanovich.  Thanks to their skill and advocacy, the city lost its appeal and I will not face an unexpected and significant increase in my real estate taxes.  I have recommended their services to friends confronting the same situation, and Flaherty Fardo achieved a favorable outcome for them as well.  I was extremely satisfied with Flaherty Fardo’s representation, and while I hope that I will never need a lawyer, it is comforting to know that I can turn to them.”

Heather S., Pittsburgh, PA Resident

“Thanks Nicole. You all continue to amaze me with your quick response to a former client. Thanks again!”

Thomas L., Pittsburgh, PA

“Great job! I’ve got the assistance that I needed. Nicole Hauptman was very helpful. I’m greatly appreciative of Noah Paul Fardo also.”

Svetlana, A., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thanks for all your help with this. We will surely recommend your firm to others in a similar situation.”

Seth W., Pittsburgh City Resident

“To everyone at Flaherty Fardo LLC: I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all your proficient help regarding my assessment appeal and your success in getting great results. I cannot thank all of you enough (especially Noah) for all of your hard work on my behalf. I have sent a check for your services, and again a million thanks!”

Elaine S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nicole & Noah, we would like to thank you for all your help and time given to our case. We appreciate the good work you did.>

Vikash, B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Noah and Nicole, Thank you for all your assistance in helping me reduce my assessed property value, and consequently my taxes, to what is a fair and reasonable amount. I am quite satisfied with the outcome. I will definitely keep your firm in mind should I need any future legal counsel.”

O.B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you Mr Noah. It was a pleasure working with you and Nicole. I appreciate the communication you offered all through this process. Thank you for the detailed break up of the different pieces of the property tax and the new amounts. It will help compare the bills we will get. I will send you a check within the week. To the address mentioned in the invoice. Thank you again for getting us these savings in property tax, it was a pleasure working with you.”

Raj S., Fox Chapel, PA

“Noah/Kelsey, Bravo! Well done!  Thank you for the analysis. It was by far the biggest win so far, and more than paid for the cost of the service. The rest of the actions from here on out are certainly bonus opportunities, I hope we can capture!Your continued superior service makes recommending you with a glowing referral that much easier then it already is. I look forward to working with you with my other legal matters in the future. Please let me know when you hear about the other actions. Thanks again!”

S.J., Pittsburgh, PA

“Attached is the decision that I received regarding the (2011) school district tax appeal for our property. As you can see, the assessed values did not change at all! My wife and I are so very pleased with this result, and we are very thankful to your firm for representing us. As our neighborhood has been hit with appeals, I have talked with some neighbors about their situations. Of the few results that I know, everyone who represented themselves ended up with higher assessments, while everyone who hired representation had no changes. This simply reinforced to me that it is wise to leave legal matters to the experts. One of my neighbors, who had his assessment raised following his hearing, is considering hiring representation to appeal the increase. After sharing my good results with him, he has asked for your name, so I will be passing it on to him. ”Again, thank you so much for your efforts that led to completely successful results.”

Robb F., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you very much again for your excellent work which brought a huge benefit to us.”

Joseph B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you so much. We are very happy with the result. You did a great job. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family.”

William S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Attorney Fardo, Thank you for representing us for our reassessment hearings and getting us a favorable settlement! Throughout the appeal process, we found you and your staff (especially Nicole Hauptman and Kelsey Ramsdell) to be accessible, professional and on top of the issue. We would definitely seek your services in the future if the need arises and recommend you to others.”

Manish, Pittsburgh, PA

“Noah, I am very pleased to hear that you received our payment; my wife and I were very pleased with your efforts on our behalf – especially the outcome.  Thank you very much for keeping us constantly informed with new developments in the case, and for letting us know what to anticipate with regards to how the process typically unfolds.  Your steady communication helped to make this a fairly stress-free process.  We will definitely contact you again if we need assistance in the future, and will recommend you to our family and friends. Thank you again for all of your help, and have a great end of the summer!”

D. Martin, Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Mr. Fardo, Thank you for all your hard work and accepting me as a client for the case you just resolved. Your professionalism and exemplary work ethic came across as a first class lawyer. If I ever need a lawyer in the future, I will definitely call upon you as well as recommend you to anyone who would need your service. Your office staff was friendly and accessible, every time I needed to contact you by phone, as well as reach and speak with you.”

L.F., Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Nicole, Yippee! Thank you, Nicole. You made this entire process very easy for Ron and me and we are thrilled with the results. We appreciate your professionalism and how you kept us informed every step of the way. We will continue to recommend you to family and friends. Take care.”

Debby & Ron, Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you again for your representation and assistance on this matter.”

Jay S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nicole/Noah: Thank you for the update.  This is an excellent outcome.  We appreciate your representation for this lot and for our residence.  It has been a long process, and you have been professional and effective throughout.  We are very pleased with the results. Thanks, again.”

Mary Z., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you so much – we are thrilled – nice work! We do not need to continue the case, as this is a great outcome. Once again, thank you for your excellent work, we are really pleased!!”

Ian F., Shadyside, PA

“Nicole & Noah, Thanks a lot for this information. I really appreciate the insight you folks provided and the honest feedback. It is not easy to find such honesty, in today’s world.”

S.B., Fox Chapel, PA

“I am very pleased with the outcome, along with my entire representation with Flaherty Fardo from the moment I placed the call to them. The service I received was prompt, courteous and highly professional. My attorney, Nicole M. Hauptman, won me a favorable determination and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and the entire team at Flaherty Fardo, LLC. Thank you so much!”

Mandi M, Wilkinsburg, PA

“Great – thanks for the help. Could not be more pleased with the outcome. I will process the invoice as quickly as possible.”

H.S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Nicole, Just a short note to let you know that Anne & I are very pleased with the results of your property assessment appeal on our behalf. As you may recall, when we were first notified of our new assessments I went to the internet looking for help. That is when I found your tape representing Flaherty Fardo, LLC and living in Maryland, I called you late on a Friday afternoon to inquire about your legal services representing us to appeal our assessments for our two adjoining properties in Mt. Washington. During the appeal process, you and your firm kept us informed of each event in the process and the courts feel for what might happened. As you can see, our new total assessed value is about half of the old assessed value. Thank you again for your & Flaherty Fardo efforts!”

C.S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Hi Nicole, I am so very pleased of the final outcome. I truly appreciate your service and the timely attention you have given. Again, I am very appreciative of the final result and that speaks to the excellent work you and the Flaherty Fardo law firm delivers. You can be certain that I will knock on your door in the future, with additional and appropriate legal issues which I find myself confronted. Again, it has been my pleasure to have been served by you and the Flaherty Fardo law firm.”

Jerry M., Pittsburgh, PA

“Noah & Nicole, 16 months ago I started a process to lower my home’s taxable value to a level I thought was fair and that I had anticipated receiving when I built my home. After hours of research, emils, phone calls, hearings, and conversations with various attorneys, I thought I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. I greatly appreciate your ability to review my case in great detail, understand my perspective, and guide me down a path with your expertise that I was struggling to find on my own. This agreement has taken a very huge load off of my shoulders that I’ve been carrying around for some time and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Alex P., Pittsburgh, PA

“Nicole, thank you for your great help on this matter. If we have future legal matters I won’t hesitate to contact you and your firm. I’ve been impressed with your professionalism and concern for your client. Thanks for helping us with this matter and best regards.”

Dan B., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you for informing us of the decision. This morning a copy of the letter sent to my mother was mailed via US mail to you for your records. We agree with the decision and your recommendation not to file an additional appeal. Thank you for your efforts in this matter, providing us with excellent legal counsel and keeping us informed of every step in this process. Best regards.”

Marge J., Pittsburgh, PA

“Hi Nicole, thank you for representing us. We are very happy with the result of this appeal and appreciate the work you and Noah did to make it happen.”

Andy M., Pittsburgh

“Thank you very much with for your assistance with our property assessment process. Appreciate your work!”

Kris G., Pittsburgh

“Hi Nicole, thank you so much for sending the final settlement and paperwork. I greatly appreciate all your efforts to successfully resolve my case. It is a great relief to know it is settled.”

Mary S., Pittsburgh, PA

“What a great job the entire staff did for me on my tax correction, especially Nicole & Noah. My thanks to all for a sterling effort.”

Bill, Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Nicole…My wife and I are quite pleased with the results you obtained in the appeal and thank you for your very effective representation or our interests in this matter.”

James C., Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Noah & Nicole, I think you did a fantastic job representing me, and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf.”

C.N., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you for the efficiency in dealing with my tax appeal!”

Ed B., Pittsburgh, PA

“A Special note of Thanks. A Simple Act of Kindness has a beauty all its own.”

Cathy R., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you so much for all your efforts on my property appeal. Again, I am very pleased with the results! I will be mailing a check toy our office today. Please send my best to Noah. Again, many thanks!”

Debbie L., Pittsburgh, PA

“It was truly a pleasure working with your firm.”

Janet H., Pittsburgh, PA

“Noah this is the best news that I’ve heard all year. I want to thank you again for a job well done, and to also let you know that I will use your services in the future for services that I may need. Happy New Year to you and your staff!”

Dick S., Pittsburgh, PA

“I wanted to thank you for all of the questions I’ve been asking. You and your firm have been terrific throughout this entire process, as I have no idea what I am doing. I also recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks again!”

Ed C., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you so very much. We appreciate all your time and effort to make this possible.”

Elmer R., Pittsburgh, PA


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