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“You Did Everything a Person Could Hope For”

“Noah, I can never thank you enough for the time and effort you put into helping our family. Your dedication and work ethic to bring justice was evident every day I talked to you…you did everything a person could hope for when encountered with this situation. You’re a great person, and a great friend too. Thank you so much, you will never be forgotten.”

Bill M., Pittsburgh, PA

“I would definitely refer anyone seeking a lawyer to this firm without a doubt! My case was not an “easy one” and the lawyer that represented me was excellent. I was hit by a car and several witness reports contradicted one another, therefore I honestly was 99.9% sure that would prevent me from winning the case, or receiving ANY compensation. But I pursued it regardless, with a “nothing to lose” attitude. Flaherty Fardo worked diligently on my case and the constant commmunication was also on point. My end result was not only a “win” but a much larger amount of money than I’d ever expected. I was steadily treated with the utmost respect, and kindness by everyone affiliated there as well.. Noah Fardo also continued to fight the insurance company for an additional $3,500 that I paid out of of pocket for physical therapy..and I was under the impression the entire case was settled and over…They worked so hard AFTER they were paid.. just to pretty much do the kind, respectful, “right thing” to do for MY best interests. I really feel as if I can’t say enough to properly express how pleased I was with their representation…so to sum it up; the person who referred me to Flaherty Fardo described them as honest, hardworking lawyers that will not take advantage of you, work to get you everything they possibly can, and all with a very reasonable fee. That proved to be absolutely true. So if you are looking for honest, hardworking, and extremely efficient and intelligent representation in a civil matter, then I would say Flaherty Fardo is the place to choose!”

Tiffany B., Pittsburgh, PA

“During the wrongful death settlement proceeds allocation battle, Noah and his team were constantly keeping me informed. They genuinely care about my situation and made me feel like their only client. I cannot express the elation that I felt once everything was settled. If it weren’t for Noah and his team, I would still be in a legal battle. I am extremely impressed with their knowledge, expedience and professionalism. I will be making a special 1800 road trip to just shake their hands. Thanks again Noah, Nicole and Wililam.”

Dave M.

“I used Flaherty Fardo, LLC for my personal injury case, and I couldn’t have been happier with the effort they put into my case. Mr. Fardo and the rest of the firm were very easy to work with and exceptionally thorough. They were diligent in following up with me on all matters and keeping me informed. Not only were they professional, but they were especially considerate for my personal well-being as well. I felt they had my best interests at heart. I would absolutely recommend Flaherty Fardo, LLC to anyone.”

Erin S., Pittsburgh, PA

“Noah Fardo and his staff provided outstanding representation for me in a liability lawsuit. They kept me fully informed of the progress of the suit by communicating with me on a regular basis and providing meaningful updates. They showed excellent judgment and achieved a satisfying outcome. I would use them again and highly recommend them to others.”

Herbert D.

“I’d like to thank you Noah. I want to thank you for your persistence in getting after my insurance company. You are a fine attorney and I would be pleased to recommend you if ever I have the opportunity.”

Mary W., Butler, PA

“I’d never been involved in a lawsuit concerning a death before. But, when my uncle died unexpectedly in his apartment after the local utility company shut off his heat, I decided to ask several lawyers if they felt that the company was negligent. Attorney Noah Fardo was the only one who looked deeply into the details of the case and then decided a wrong had indeed occurred. Hands down, I’m glad that he was so thorough in his investigations.   Attorney Fardo walked me through the entire case, basically, hand-in-hand. He’d call to update me through every stage of litigation, and when he had any news at all to report. I was never in the dark… or lost and confused about anything. I appreciated, so much, the personal touch he had with my case.   I have to say, if there was an attorney who was ever so determined, and unrelenting, it’s Noah Fardo. Now my case has been successfully won and the estate received a large settlement. I can leave the trauma in the past. Thank you, Noah!!”

Peter R.,  Pittsburgh, PA  

“Hi Noah and Shawn, Thank you.  I had no idea what to expect filing my first lawsuit.  I really didn’t even want to file it.   You guys did a phenomenal job and me and my family can’t thank you enough.  I hope I never need you again, but if I, or anyone I know does, I absolutely will recommend you.”   Thanks again guys, we really appreciate it!”

Robert F., Pittsburgh, PA

“Noah, you have been such a great support.  Thank you for your compassion, faith and beliefs.  You made me feel at ease.  I have been truly thankful and grateful for your friendship and service.”

D.L., Wexford, PA

“Dear Noah.  Thank you so much for taking on my case.  I appreciate your professionalism and the sensitivity that you exhibited towards me and my situation.  If I am ever in need of legal assistance, you would be my first choice!  Thanks again, to you and your staff, for everything.”

J.W., Pittsburgh, PA