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“I was Awarded a Monetary Value Beyond My Expectations”

“Noah Fardo is a 5-star lawyer. When Noah took my case, my experience in working with him exceeded far beyond my expectations. He kept in touch with me through every step of the process, alleviating much of the anxiety associated with a lawsuit. He responded to my ongoing questions, comments and concerns almost immediately. I felt like we were a team and when the case finally came to execution, he left no stone un-turned. Most importantly, he fought for me equipped with total knowledge, vigor and professionalism.”

Mary L., Pittsburgh, PA

“3 years ago, I sustained an injury which I believed I needed an attorney. After countless phone conversations with many law firms that said, no, I did not have a case based on our phone conversation, I finally was able to get at least a personal interview with the law firm Flaherty and Fardo to determine if indeed I had a case. I met with Noah Fardo and he was very professional. After our meeting it was determined that his law firm would help me. The entire staff, from legal secretaries and lawyers, were very professional, compassionate and thorough. The law firm of Flaherty and Fardo made me feel like I was their only client. They kept me informed weekly with the progress of my case. They were able to win my case and I was awarded a monetary value beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them if you want it done right.  Even to date they call me to see how I am doing. Flaherty and Fardo were truly a godsend to me and my family.”

D. L., Pittsburgh, PA 

“Hi Noah. I received and deposited the check yesterday. I am glad this matter is now finalized. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help throughout. I couldn’t have had better representation.  Thank you again.”

Joyce S., Westmoreland County, PA  

“Dear Noah, Thank you for your willingness to represent me, all your skilled hard work and your very swift response to all my many emails. I really appreciate your taking on the case, as Dr. (intentionally omitted) did something very wrong;  Again thank you.”

Regards, M.G.

“Dear Noah, We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all of your hard work and thoughtfulness.  You really did an excellent job for us!  Thanks again.”

D.C., Dubois, PA

“Noah, you have been such a great support.  Thank you for your compassion, faith and beliefs.  You made me feel at ease.  I have been truly thankful and grateful for your friendship and service.”

D.L., Wexford, PA

“Noah and staff, Thank you for the beautiful poinsettias.  We are keeping it beautiful for M***** to see when he feels better.  Thank you for everything your office has done for us.”

S.K., Erie, PA

“Hey Noah, just wanted to say thank you again for all the hard work you did while working on my lawsuit. As you know, I contemplated on whether or not I should proceed with a lawsuit for almost two years (time was almost up to file) before I finally decided to contact someone. So I did my research at my local courthouse and found your name on a judgement search index. The office did a wonderful job with such short notice and my time running out to file. I felt so comfortable talking with you that I knew I made the right decision to proceed with my lawsuit.”

J.C., Kersey, Pa

“I was very fortunate to have Noah Fardo be my lawyer in my malpractice suit. Not only did he successfully represent me but also during the pretrial months( the case ended up being settled out of court) he kept me very well informed, and if I had a question promptly and effectivly replied. He is both an excellent lawyer and an extremely nice person,.who helped calm my distraught reaction to what to me was a serious injury. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a skilled, compassionate lawyer.”

Muriel. K., Whistler, CA

“Dear Noah.  Thank you so much for taking on my case.  I appreciate your professionalism and the sensitivity that you exhibited towards me and my situation.  If I am ever in need of legal assistance, you would be my first choice!  Thanks again, to you and your staff, for everything.”

J.W., Pittsburgh, PA

“Whenever unforseen obstacles have come at us, you have been there to advise, assist, making our lives less stressful and allowing us to focus more on each other as we deal with our loss.  God Bless you for that!  And our thanks also go out to such a warm and gracious staff.”

Kathleen W.,  Meadville, PA

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