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“I Could Have Not Hired A Better Attorney”

“Attorney Noah Fardo has represented me, as well as friends and associates that I have referred to him over the years on a variety of matters. I have found him to be exceptionally bright, highly effective and consummately professional. More importantly, Noah is a good and decent person. He cares about people and always endeavors to do the right thing. This seems to give him a moral clarity in his work, on behalf of his clients, that propels him to win. I highly endorse and recommend Attorney Noah Fardo.”

Thomas K., Wexford, PA

“Outstanding, hardworking group of attorneys. Highly ethical and trustworthy. Smart, fast, and on top of every detail. Helped me to win 100% of my cases over a two-year period against a much bigger opponent. Did it by being smarter and working harder than the other guys. Super-responsive. I never had to wait for an answer and all of their answers were correct the first time. No nonsense whatsoever – a true partner and a pleasure to work with. Nicole Hauptman is an outstanding attorney who masters diverse case materials and rapidly and keeps her clients fully informed and on the track to win. I will use them again for all of my needs.”

Ian, Pittsburgh, PA

“Over the years, Shawn and Noah have handled several large collection cases for our business. Each case has been different and Flaherty Fardo has adjusted. In some of the cases, we wanted to keep the relationship. In other cases, we just wanted our money. The bottom line is that Flaherty Fardo has collected money on every single case we’ve hired them for. I can’t give a better recommendation than that. These guys are no-nonsense and know what they are doing.”

Matt R. H., Owner Pittsburgh Downtown Business

“Thank you Noah for the past 5 years of helping our business grow. You have been in our corner without hesitation giving 100% each and every time. You have always made yourself available and I appreciate that. You have never been intimidated, and I am so proud to say that in every single case, we have had favorable outcomes. What has amazed me most is not only your professionalism, but also your ethics. Never have you even hinted with non-compliance of the law. There is no doubt our business is a success because of your help. Thank you so much.”

Camille W.F., CEO Monroeville Business

“I am so happy that I chose Flaherty Fardo to represent me in my case against a client who didn’t want to pay their invoices. Attorney Fardo was diligent, he worked hard for me and he ultimately got me a settlement that was fair. I never had the pleasure of meeting them in person, because I moved to the West Coast, but they were always professional, great with follow up by always returning my calls and responding to my emails. I highly recommend them. Thank you Noah!”

Erika W.

“I have been in business for 9 years and never dreamed I would need a lawyer to help receive payment for work I did. But when a customer refused to pay for services I already rendered, I did not know what to do. I called Noah Fardo and we immediately had a plan of action in place. Noah was very professional yet persistent and in no time at all we had settled the matter and he was mailing me a check. What a lifesaver.”

Anthony B., Business Owner, North Hills

“Shawn was wonderful to me- I really appreciate everything that he did for me –  I couldn’t have hired a better attorney- his personality is great- he makes you feel as if the world is NOT going to end just because you are accused of something- If I were to ever need another attorney again, I would go with Shawn- All in all, when everything was said and done, not only was I extremely pleased with Shawn and his professional manner, but with his services. He took the worst time in my life and made it better. Just by being able to vent to him with my concerns, which he never dismissed, to just having him explain things to me the way I understood, it helped with the traumatic issues in my life… thanks Shawn… you are the best….”

Shannon H., Pennsylvania

“Attorney Fardo was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in regards to estate planning for my grandmother. He was able to assist my family with many complex issues and saved us a substantial amount of money. I would definitely retain his legal services for other issues that may arise in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

Jill, Pittsburgh, PA

“Had a small employment case, and Noah handled it with tenacity. He gave me updates about twice a week and what he said would happen in the beginning is exactly what played out. He acted as a true advocate and was worth every penny.”

Brian F., Pittsburgh, PA

“I have used Attorney Fardo as an attorney for over 10 years for personal and professional matters. In my professional career I have had dealings with dozens of attorneys. I chose to use Noah Fardo because of his accessibility and common sense attitude. Noah advises me on many issues and is always willing to listen, understand and recommend a course of action. It’s a comfort to know that I can pick up the phone and talk to noah in person whenever the need arises unlike many law firms.”

Ron M., Pittsburgh, PA

“I have known and worked with Noah Fardo for years. He has always been extremely professional and goes the extra mile for everyone. His work ethic and passion are second to none. His firm has always kept me well informed every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with his work and I highly recommend Noah and his firm.”

A.B., Pittsburgh Business Owner

“Noah – Thanks you so very much for your help in resolving the matter with (intentionally omitted). I was very impressed with your professionalism and intellect. Have a Happy Holiday and fun with your family.”

S.R., Pittsburgh, PA

“These guys are great! I need a consultation and got one for free. I talked with Attorney Noah Paul Fardo and he was very helpful. He walked me through the entire process. What I am most impressed with is that he did not try to sell his services. Instead he advised the most cost effective way to help me and actually told me I was better off not hiring a lawyer for now. I think it is very rare for a lawyer to tell a potential client not to hire a lawyer, when it would have been so easy for him to sell his services and charge me, of which I was ready to hire and pay them. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.”

Derek M.

“Thank you for all your efforts in this regard. I do not think anyone else would have been as persistent as you were in getting this matter resolved. Thank you again.”

Daniel N., Pittsburgh, PA

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