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Steps for Starting Your Car Accident Lawsuit

This article will explain the three basic elements necessary to draft and file a Complaint in Civil Action regarding car accident lawsuits.

Can You Recover the Lost Value of Your Car with a Diminished Value Claim?

When you are the victim of a serious automobile accident, you will likely sue for damages relating to your injuries and/or pain and suffering.

How Facebook May Kill Your Lawsuit

As social media expands, lawyers have increased online investigations researching accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Are Jury Verdicts Increasing in Allegheny County?

For years, jury verdicts in Western Pennsylvania have been consistently low. Though jury verdicts on the eastern side of Pennsylvania were consistently increasing, Pittsburgh and the surrounding counties did not follow this trend.

Choose Full Tort, Not Limited Tort, Every Time

This article will help explain why auto drivers in Pennsylvania should choose full tort insurance over limited tort insurance every single time.

Understanding Pennsylvania Loss of Consortium Claims

In Pennsylvania, when one spouse is injured, the uninjured spouse may bring a claim for monetary compensation under a theory of loss of consortium.

Handling the Botched Breast Augmentation Case

Over the last 10 years, Flaherty & Fardo LLC has helped numerous women recover substantial monies from medical malpractice claims involving plastic and cosmetic surgery errors.

What to Do After a ‘Slip and Fall’ Accident in Pennsylvania

This guide will help readers understand the 3 most important steps to take after a slip & fall accident in Pennsylvania to protect their personal injury rights.

What to Do After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

You Must Act Immediately After Car Accidents: It is important that investigation in Pennsylvania car accidents and motor vehicle accidents begins immediately. Witnesses disappear and memories fade. Crucial evidence in the form of skid marks and photographs from damaged vehicles needs to be obtained by experts as soon as possible following an accident. If you

Texting While Driving Increases Likelihood of Accidents

The U.S. Transportation Secretary announced an immediate ban on text-messaging for truck drivers and bus drivers. Drivers who are texting while driving are 20 more times likely to get into an accident than nondistracted drivers. What’s worse is the government’s research indicated that at 55 mph, a driver who texts on average travels a football field