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COVID-19 Can't Stop the Allegheny County Tax Appeal Deadline

COVID-19 Does Not Stop the 2020 Allegheny County Tax Appeal Deadline of March 31, 2020.

Significant Change Proposed by Councilman Ed Kress, Board of Viewers Filing Fee Increases

This article will provide readers with the latest updates in the Allegheny County assessment appeals process.

Property Assessment Updates From Allegheny County & Washington County

This article will provide readers with the latest updates from both the Washington and Allegheny County assessment of property taxes.

Judge Wettick Denies Appraisals as Absolute for Property Assessments

This article will provide readers with the latest updates concerning the Allegheny County property assessments.

Allegheny County Ignores Appeal Results & Sends Wrong Tax Bills

If you thought winning your tax appeal was going to reduce your Allegheny County property tax bill, you were wrong. At least on paper.

2013 Allegheny County Assessments Updates

This article will provide readers with the latest updates concerning the Allegheny County real estate tax assessments 2013.

Allegheny County Cracks Down on Charitable Tax Exempt Properties

This article will provide readers with the most recent updates in the ongoing attempt made by Allegheny County to limit the amount of charitable tax exempt properties in the county after the last Allegheny County assessment.

Judge Denies Request to Lower Assessments

Judge R. Stanton Wettick has denied a request to automatically lower hundreds of thousands of property assessments. Here is what happened.

Should Commercial Property Owners Bypass the First Hearing?

This article should help commercial property owners understand the advantages and disadvantages of entering the commercial bypass process.

Status Update for Allegheny County Assessments of Property Tax

We’re taking a look at the current status of the Allegheny County assessment appeals hearings, what property owners need to be doing, and how to get your property tax reduction.

Results Of Informal Hearings Released

This article pertains to the upcoming Allegheny County assessment appeals hearings, and how property owners can prepare themselves.

Will Legislation Stop the Reassessments?

Below you will find an explanation of this bill, and why it ultimately should not and will not stop the reassessments from being used for taxation purposes in 2013.

How to Defend 2012 & 2013 PA School Property Tax Appeals

If your property was recently appealed, here is some information you should know.

The Fix Is In On Under-Assessed Properties

We believe 7 out of 10 residential properties in more affluent areas are still under-assessed in the Allegheny County tax assessments. We will further argue how this was intentional rather than accidental and is going to create some future problems for residents, depending upon where they live.

Attorney Fardo to Speak at Seminar on Tax Exemption

Attorney Noah Paul Fardo will be a guest lecturer on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, at a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminar focusing on the tax assessments in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Allegheny County Tax Assessment Chaos

With the way Allegheny County has handled its recent tax assessments, something has to change soon, and we have the solutions.

What’s Going On: Allegheny County Reassessment Updates

Throughout all the madness of the 2012 Allegheny County Reassessments, it may be hard to keep up with what is going on with your property and its assessment.

Extension Announced on Allegheny County Tax Assessment in Certain Areas

Allegheny County has announced that the property tax assessment formal appeal deadline for the City of Pittsburgh and Mount Oliver has been extended from February 24, 2012 until April 2, 2012. The informal deadline has been changed to February 15, 2012. What does this mean for your Allegheny County Property Assessment and your appeal?

New Allegheny County Assessment Website is a Nightmare for Taxpayers

Allegheny County’s new website for the release of the 2012 Allegheny County property reassessment values will prove frustrating and more difficult for property owners.

2012 Allegheny County Tax Assessments to Continue Despite Fitzgerald Controversy

While the drama continues, the Allegheny County Tax Assessment experts, Flaherty & Fardo, are here to keep you filled in on all the latest happenings.

“Scent of a Fitzgerald:” Decision-making in the Allegheny County Tax Assessments

What is best for Allegheny County residents? The Allegheny County Tax Assessment experts - Flaherty & Fardo - weigh in.

What is the Difference Between an Informal Hearing and a Formal Appeal Hearing?

Breaking down the difference between formal, and informal allegheny county tax appeal hearings

How to Defend 2011 Property Tax Appeals in Allegheny County.

While buying a home in Allegheny County has a variety of perks, it’s no secret that the Allegheny County Tax Assessment system is a mess. Here are two tips for defending your property tax assessment.

Understanding the Pennsylvania Clean & Green Act

Understand the basics of the Pennsylvania Clean & Green Act - an act that provides tax advantages to clean and green PA properties and businesses.

2012 Allegheny County Tax Assessments on Schedule Despite Problems

Prior to 2012, Allegheny County is using a 2002 Base Year for property assessments. What does this mean for your Allegheny County Tax Assessment?

Allegheny County Fires 2012 Reassessment Workers

When it comes to Allegheny County Tax Assessment, you want a fair assessment of your property so that you pay a fair amount in property tax.

Top 10 Mistakes Made By Property Owners in Allegheny Property Tax Appeals

We've outlined the top 10 mistakes made by property owners in their property tax appeal: to keep you from hurting your chances of winning your hearing and getting the assessment you deserve.

Advice for Defending and Winning PA School Property Tax Appeals

Have a PA School Property Tax Appeal Hearing coming up? Not sure how to prepare, or what to do? Don’t worry. Here is some basic information from Flaherty & Fardo.

Do I need an Appraisal for my Allegheny Property Tax Appeal?

A common question from our clients is whether or not they need an appraisal for their Allegheny County property tax assessment appeal. The not-so-simple answer is: it depends.

What Happens at the Allegheny County Board of Viewer (BOV) hearing?

It is a long wait and almost always means there will be multiple years at issue by the time the case is finally called. Learn how to navigate this stressful process from the BOV real estate trial experts, Flaherty & Fardo.

What does the 2002 Base Year Mean for my Allegheny County Property Tax Appeal?

Everyone knows the property tax assessment system - notably in Allegheny County - is broken and unfair. Properties are often overvalued for a variety of reasons, meaning property owners are paying too much in property taxes.

How Do I Defend a PA School Property Tax Assessment Appeal?

A: By being more prepared and understanding the rules of evidence and law. The school districts of Allegheny County are now filing 2010 assessment appeals against property owners who recently purchased their properties. The logic is that if the purchase price is higher than the current assessment, that the assessment should be raised. However, under

The Allegheny County Reassessments are Coming

As of July 2010, Allegheny County is intending on reassessing approximately the 580,000 properties in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The Allegheny County Tax Assessments could raise your property taxes, which is why you should know what to expect.

Defending PA School Property Tax Appeals

If you are involved in an Allegheny County residential property tax appeal, there is the possibility that you will receive a letter from the school district asking to enter your property or even worse, enter your home.

Why is the School District Appealing my Property Assessment?

Since 2004, School Districts have been aggressively filing property appeals against property owners. Their target has primarily been recent home buyers.

Allegheny County Sued Over Property Reassessments (Again)

The property assessment experts of Allegheny County - Flaherty & Fardo - weigh in and explain why this lawsuit will likely not grant homeowners the justice they hope for.

Why 2010 is Ripe for Allegheny County Property Assessment Appeals

The deadline to file a 2010 Allegheny County Property Assessment appeal is March 31, 2010. But this year (2010) is ripe and may be necessary to appeal. Here’s why.

How Much is my Property Worth in an Allegheny County Property Assessment?

Pennsylvania assessment laws require that real estate be valued according to its “actual value” and at a bona fide rate and price for which the property would separately sell. The courts have interpreted actual value to mean market value. Market value has been defined by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court as “the price in a